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Testing out Rotobrush 2.0 in After Effects (Beta)

Updated: Aug 4

This is a quick overview of this brand new tool in after Effects Beta. This tool is called rotobrush 2.0. If you are not familiar with the first version or as it is called “classic” it is a tool you can use to rotoscope an object out of its background. This tool was never the best at what it should do. This tool is used for the foundation of a rotoscoped project. In this overview we test the new version out and to see what kind of power it potentially has.

This version uses an algorithm called machine learning instead of the basic frame by frame like the 1.0 does. At the end of this video I do a comparison of both and the newest version is way better at what it should do! Everyone can try out the beta version under their creative cloud desktop in beta apps and I hope you do! Enjoy this video and follow us for future tutorials, tips & tricks as well as fun features within after effects and 3D platforms.

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