2020 General Showreel

I am proud to release my 2020 General Showreel. This video shows of my best work I produced within the last couple of years. These features include design & animation for game, broadcasting, legal and medical markets.


Animation Agencies / Studios:

Ragdoll Animation Studio



Viewpoint Creative




Depuy Synthes, Win Interactive, PCI Security Standards Council, Virtual, Redbox, NBC Sports, HBO, Broadsword Media, Avenue A Teen Center, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime,  Lumendi / Medline, Forge FX, CNN, EPIX, WeTV, Travel Channel, Staples, Tremor, Dell, Avery Bazan, Kwang Wellness, Demo60, GCL Gaming and Compassionate Care.


Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger By Trap Nation


Central Massachusetts

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